Cleanroom Injection Moulding

We manufacture high precision plastic moulded articles from thermoplastics and liquid silicone rubber on state-of-the-art and validated manufacturing processes under cleanroom environment ISO 8. Small dimensions, narrow tolerances and high functional standards are challenges that we meet with expert knowledge.

  • Micro Moulding Thermoplastic and LSR down to approx. 0,02g
  • Thin wall components and metal plastic composites
  • Insert moulding with metal and plastic
  • Max. weight of approx. 120 g


We manufacture the smallest parts in a cleanroom on small plastifying units. Our own toolmaking allows us to keep narrow tolerances.

Overmoulding and Insertmoulding

  • Metal Inserts (e.g. canulas)
  • LSR
  • Catheter tubings with plastic components

Silicone (LSR) Injection Moulding

2-Component LSR with part weights ranging from 0,03g to approx. 25g single article or composite. Thin wall versions down to 0,2 mm are manufactured with horizontal and vertical plastifying units.