Research and Development

With an experienced team of engineers, we develop components and assemblies made out of thermoplastic polymers. These are used in complex medical devices. We support the development of devices with our know how for injection moulded components, bonding and joining processes as well as production processes such as sterilisation and packaging. Hereby we concentrate on single use sterile medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The development is carried out under the requirements of the European Medical Device Directives and requirements coming from industry norms for medical devices.

We combine engineering know how with the requirements for innovative and efficient medical devices. For a fast realization of new designs we are supported from a experienced team of engineers with state of the art equipment.

Beside our contract development activities for OEM clients we develop new innovative products within the field of urology and endoscopy. These products shall provide advantages for the patient and the physician. The following products are support with funds of the government.