Our Services

We act as critical supplier for well known medical device OEMs. Our core competence is development and production of injection molded components, tubings, assemblies and OEM products. We supply:

  • Injection molded components under cleanroom conditions (thermoplast and silicone)
  • Extruded profiles (tubings with single lumen, multilumen and multi-layer)
  • Cleanroom Assemblies
  • Packaging of medical devices
  • Injection Molds, Fixtures, Prototypes

The interaction of our manufacturing processes in the field of injection molding and extrusion combined with our know-how for cleanroom assemblies and sterilization of disposable medical devices allows us to realize fast customer specific requirements for OEM-products and assemblies. We have the necessary material know-how for the production of medical devices from plastic polymers. We form strong networks between our clients and middle sized companies and research centers in medical technology with the aim to create sustainable synergies. Our clients benefit from our valuable know-how.

Our quality system is certified according to ISO 13485:2016